Picture of By David Hall

By David Hall

30th April 2023

Mike Hamilton Scott (Scotty) - A fond farewell.

As we all know Mike sadly passed away on 12th April with his son Simon, daughter Samantha and granddaughters Ella and Yasmin at his side.

Many of us will have known Mike for his dedication to the Diving Community, and many of us as a personal friend for many years. Mike’s love of diving could be matched by his love of photography, so much so that while myself and Mark Horton were staying at his Turkish Villa, Mark appeared in his leopard skin thong to Mike’s surprise ,with me behind the camera lens taking a photo for prosperity.

I first met Mike as he was completing his Divemaster course back in 1994. He then moved onwards to become an Instructor in 1995, after a very cold Instructors course at a freezing Guildenburgh Water. Mikes first open water student was Trudi Andrews doing all her pool work and theory with White Horse Diving then qualifying in Hurgarda on a Seahorse Expedition.

Mike Scott
Mike Scott

In the following years Mike trained many students including both my eldest daughter and my son when they were both 12 years old. Mike’s attention to detail and never ending  patience, gained the confidence of his students he worked with.

His wry grin and dry sense of humour  never failed him.“Yes David” when he obviously meant “NO

Mike’s career took him from the RAF, then into professional photography ending his career with New Zipper Company famous for our BDM diving and survival zips.  Mike very kindly accompanied me to O’Three dry suits when they were based in Weymouth to purchase my third suit only to ask Sean Webb, can you give Dave a good discount and I’ll give you a better one  for the Zips.

During Mikes time at New Zipper he decided to relocate his home to  Swindon as he was spending most of his time here training divers along side  Mark Horton with White Horse Diving.

Myself and Mike went house hunting with Mike making a purchase on Blunsdon Ridge and becoming fully fledged Blusndonian.

During our house hunting weekend Mike stayed with my family and soon discover that my youngest daughter who is now approaching thirty was not shy in coming forward. “Mike you’ve left a very big pooh in the toilet, once again the wry smile was wide across his face.

On Mike’s retirement he decided to move to a sunnier climate, so Mike being Mike bought a semi detached Villa in Turkey and an apartment in Sharm El Sheik, much diving was planned.

Andy Osborn, Paul Cole and Mike Scott
Pictured from left to right is Andrew Osborn, Paul Cole and sporting a club beanie, Mike Scott on the club's 2021 weekend to Pembrokeshire.

While Mike was living in Turkey he invited Mark Horton and myself over to help him convert his terrace store into a computer room promising us both four days diving and a little work, this was in December 2010, to say that Turkey in December was wet is an understatement especially during our first days work we hit a water main. The three of us had a great week together Mark in his thong and Mike with his culinary delights. Mark asking “whats for dinner tonight Mike”.  Mike replying “well i’ve got one potato and some cheese”  We dined out once again.

Paul Cole, Mandy Bryer and Mike Scott
Paul Cole, Mandy Bryer and Mike Scott

When Mike returned to the UK after leaving Turkey behind, he threw himself back into the diving industry, when most retirees would be putting their feet up, Mike worked at JC Scuba on a regular basis, ran a RIB along with Mark Horton, serviced equipment, started teaching again, went diving regularly in and around the UK and abroad on a regular basis.

I’ve  shared  rooms with Mike and buddied him on many dives, on one of our many Scilly Isle visits, walking into the room lit up like a Christmas tree with all Mikes gadgets and photo equipment, leaving not one socket for me to charge my torch.

Apart from his family, Mike’s mainstay was diving, diving and more diving, we are his second family.

Mike was and is one of the most genuine people we have had the pleasure to know.

Our fond farewell to a man who has been admired and loved by many. May your next journey wherever it may be have calm seas, fair winds and peace.

We love you Mike. Rest Easy.