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There are three forms to fill out and return to the club. Simply download these forms, print them out and send to the club with your remittance.

New Member Application

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There's No Better Time To Join The Seahorse Dive Club!

Our membership year runs from April to March and with a continued reduced annual subscription of just £25.00 for 2021/2022 season, there’s no better time to john the Seahorse Dive Club.

No matter what your age, training agency or qualification, the club is open to all.  And you do not have to live in Swindon or Wiltshire to join!

With 37 salty dive days already booked and another 15 to 20 days in the planning stage, there’s something to suit everyone including a least one international holiday before the end of the year.

The Benefits

Regular Day and Weekend UK Trips

Members are encouraged to arrange trips for inland and offshore dive trips.

Buddy Finder Mailing List

All members are invited to join the Buddy Finder Mailing List. Keep an eye out for someone who's looking for a buddy.

Subsidised RHIB Diving

The club has access to two RHIBs and regularly make excursions to the coast for diving

NDAC Diving

International Expeditions

Silfra in Iceland, the Baltic Sea, Truk Lagoon and South Africa have been past destinations for the adventurous types.

Emergency O2 Kit

The club's Emergency O2 Kit is available to all members for any UK dive trip.

Club Nitrox Analyser

The club's Club Nitrox Analyser is available to any member for any UK dive trip.

Scillies Lions Mane Jellyfish

Midweek Inland Days

If you want to keep your skills fresh, you'll normally find someone in one of the inland dive sites during the quieter midweek days.

Training and Retail Discounts

Discounts on scuba gear purchases, equipment servicing, gas fills and training at JC Scuba, Swindon.

Club Library

The club has an extensive library. Anything from the theories of decompression diving to Red Sea dive site guides.

Diver Pickup Swanage