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Vobster Night Dive

Vobster Night Dive


Join us on Saturday 23rd October for a night dive as the Vobster entry times move from a summer schedule to a winter schedule.



Outline plan will be to book onto the Saturday afternoon session between 14.00pm and 20.00pm on Saturday 23rd October. Sunset is 17.50pm. So you can dive as much or little as you want in the afternoon, but the night dive will be something like water entry at 18.30pm, exit by 19.15pm and off site by 20.00pm.

Vobster entry costs are £17.00 for members and £23.00 for non members. Gas and refreshments extra.


If you’re not a member of Vobster, no problem as guests are invited too.


Divers Attending

No minimum qualifications will be needed. You’ll obviously need a torch and ideally a backup, a compass will be a good idea and DSMB in case you get lost.


For those who have not dived Vobster before, you can do a recce during the day and plan your evening route. That said, we’ll try and buddy, team or group divers with members who regularly dive Vobster for the night dive.


We had a fun afternoon in 2020 and lots of members turned up. I can personally attest that the scenery and attractions at Vobster look completely different in the dark.


Hourly Schedule

Saturday 23rd October

14.00 -
Gates Open
14.30 -
Afternoon Diving
17.50 -
18.30 -
Group Night Dive
19.15 -
Out Of Water
20.00 -
Gates Close


23 Oct 2021


2:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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