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Moonshadow - Photographic and Recreational Scenic Trip

Moonshadow – Falmouth – Scenic Diving

Due to the popularity of this advertised trip in 2021, we’re back to Atlantic Scuba for some recreational diving from Falmouth.

This is a recreational dive trip. Diving is with Atlantic Scuba on hardboat Moonshadow. The outline plan is a weekend of scenic and photographic diving on many of the walls, pinnacles and gullies of ‘The Bizzies’ and maybe the wreck of the SS Hera. All dives are within recreation limits, maximum depths are around 23 metres.

"The Bizzies are a large reef system with lots of pinnacles. They are covered in soft and hard corals and extremely scenic, they are situated just to the east of Falmouth, somewhere we visit regularly. We have lots of different entry points for the Bizzies, whether on or around pinnacles or in gullies. We also have some nice pinnacles and reefs a little further east, but there are very few wrecks except for the Hera.

Mark Milburn

A balance compared to diving from our popular Porthkerris trips, we will look to dive to the east of Falmouth and although not many wrecks within recreational limits, there is an abundance of wildlife which makes every dive special.



Logistics in respect to quantity of cylinders, gas refills, meet times and ropes off times will be made closer to the date.




Moonshadow leaves from Mylor Yacht Harbour, where there is plenty of parking, toilets, cafe and restaurant. The Atlantic Scuba address is 15 minutes away from Mylor, where you can get air/nitrox/trimix/oxygen fills at the end of the day.

Price, Payment and Terms


  • Full Price is £135.00
  • Member Discounted Price is £120.00
  • Deposit of 50% is £67.50
  • Final Balance is £67.50
  • Maximum Divers is 10
  • Number of Days is 2
  • Number of Dives is 4
  • Rubicon date is 1st November 2021.


Price and Payment

This is a two day weekend trip and the full price is promoted at £135.00 per diver for two dives per day, four dives in total. A discounted price is offered to Seahorse Club Members who pay in full to confirm their place. Members who opt to pay a 50% deposit will pay a final balance payment to total the full price. This balance must be paid no later than the rubicon date. Any club members and anyone joining the trip after the rubicon date will pay the full price.





Your place is not confirmed until the discounted price or full price or your deposit is received.




Should you cancel your space for any reason, you are still liable to pay your full price or discounted price. In such a case, you and the organiser will be able to find a suitable diver to fill your place and in such an instance, that replacement diver should make a payment no greater than the discounted price or the full price paid. Such payments and reimbursements will be made via the trip organiser. If no suitable diver can be found, then no refund or reimbursement can be made.





The Seahorse Dive Club strongly urges all members and guests to ensure they have adequate travel insurance in case of cancellation.




You should not advertise your space for sale to any non-club member without the agreement of the organiser.



This trip will not be confirmed with the charter until we have 10 confirmed divers with their discounted prices paid or 50% deposit paid. If the trip does not go ahead because there are not enough attendees, you will receive your money back in full.



Reserve List


Should the maximum diver count be exceeded, a reserve list will be kept for this trip.


Non Members and Guests


You do not have to be a member of the Seahorse Dive Club to join this trip, though club members will have first refusal. Places to non members and guest places will be made no earlier than the rubicon date.




To join this trip, receive preferential booking and receive a discounted price, all Seahorse Club Members must be fully paid up members both at the time of booking and date of the trip. Should any club member be a not renew their membership and a fully paid member who is on the reserve list wish to join the trip, your place will be forfeited and your moneys returned.



The only responsibilities of the organiser is to co-ordinate and facilitate a group booking of like minded divers with a dive charter or similar dive operator. On your behalf, he or she will collect moneys from all divers as a proxy and will pay the dive charter or operator on your behalf. Any diver joining a trip does not hold the organiser or the Seahorse Dive Club responsible or liable for any issue or circumstance arising outside of the organisation of the trip only. All and every diver attending any trip as published, organised and facilitated by the organiser and the Seahorse Dive Club agree that they are fit to dive, will dive within their certified qualifications and depth levels. They certify this to their buddy or team and the dive charter or operator.


Travel Agent

The organiser is not a travel agent. Any accommodation, transport, hospitality or other service that maybe advertised or recommended by the organiser does not form any part of any package. In such a circumstance where the organiser similarly books a restaurant or diner by example, this is done as a gesture of good faith.



Other than any agreed subsidy and rebate that the organiser may receive from the Seahorse Dive Club for organising this trip, he or she does not receive or earn any reward, be it financial or otherwise.


Governing Documents

The organiser and all members of the Seahorse Dive Club, guests of members or other non members agree to abide by the “The Seahorse Dive Club Rules” and the “Expedition Organisation System and Rules“.


Should any dispute or disagreement become apparent between the organiser and trip attendee for any reason whatsoever, then that dispute will be escalated to the Seahorse Dive Club Committee for arbitration and final decision.

How To Book


Seahorse members and guests must complete this booking form to register for this trip. The organiser will then register a place for you. Your place will not be confirmed until a deposit or payment is made in full. The organiser will confirm receipt of payment.



14 - 15 May 2022


All Day


Atlantic Scuba, Falmouth


Atlantic Scuba, Falmouth
1 Trenoweth Business Park, Mabe Burnthouse, Penryn TR10 9JH
Atlantic Scuba, Mylor Yacht Harbour

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Atlantic Scuba, Mylor Yacht Harbour

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