All members of the Seahorse Dive Club have a safe and secure medium to communicate between themselves for topical discussion, buddy requests and trip organisation. This simple subscription mailing list is created to be a central point of discussion to include all club members and be inclusive to those who opt out of social media.

How It Works?

Once you are a member of the club, your email address will be added to the ‘Buddies’ mailing list. Your email address will be able to post emails to and receive emails from the list. Any other emails will be bounced. When you are added, you will receive a welcome email. Should you leave the club or your membership does lapse, then your email address will be simply removed. There is no need to administer your subscription yourself. If you should wish to change your subscribed email address or remove yourself from the list entirely, then simply send a request to the list owner.  The list owner email address will be shown in the footer of each email sent.

Privacy & Security

The Buddies mailing list is configured with no archiving and strict privacy settings. This means that any emails sent through the system are not stored on any device other than the member’s own personal computer. As they are simply not stored, they cannot be indexed by any search engine. The only people who can see who is subscribed are the list administrator and the moderator. The only people who can post to the list are those members who have their email address subscribed to the list. All other emails sent to the list will be discarded. This will mitigate any SPAM or UCE.


You will need to ensure that email client is configured correctly. By example, if the list has your.name@googlemail.com as the list entry and your email client software is configured using your.name@gmail.com, then you will receive messages, but will not be able to post. You will need to contact the list owner to with your preferred email address.

The list is configured that when someone replies to your email, their response will come to you. This is so we can limit the amount of noise on the list. However, there is an ambiguity in the configuration that if you “reply all”, then the original sender and the list will receive a copy of your reply. Please do not “reply all”.