We held the 2024 AGM on the 14th March. at the Cross Keys pub in Royal Wootton Bassett. Formalities kicked off at 19:30hrs with the approval of the 2020 minutes followed by the chairman’s report from Jim Boyd.

Chairman's Report

I would like to welcome you all to the meeting. Last year was a testing year in many ways in terms of diving and, of course, we lost a founding member of the club when Mike Hamilton- Scott passed away after a long battle with cancer. His popularity was reflected in the number of club members who attended his funeral.

In February we had 54 paid up members, down from last year but still a healthy number. Membership for 2024 is now due and must be paid by the date of the committee meeting on 9th April 2024 the membership form is on the website and payment is by bank transfer as detailed on the form.

The association with J C Scuba continues and the availability of the Pool Sessions at the Ridgeway were clarified last year by Jason at one of the Committee Meetings. Access to the pool must be booked through JC Scuba prior to attending and there will be a charge for this activity.

We continue to plan to run the EFR training again this year in conjunction with JC Scuba. Details will be published to the Buddies List.

The Club finances remain in good order, namely we have adequate funds to cover our liabilities and a surplus, which we will invest in the club over the next 12 months. Our Treasurer will provide more details. There are no plans to amend the current membership rate and we continue to try to reduce the club balance. The club’s account was moved to Lloyds as the previous bank started to levy charges against the club.

The club continues to be active throughout the year and I wish to express a massive “thank you” to everyone who has organised trips and those who are organising future events, to provide great diving opportunities for our members. We have seen many trips organised in the UK and overseas and, looking ahead we should use the expertise of organisers to assist those who want to set up trips but need support and advice.

These will continue throughout 2024 and there are trips to the Shetlands and Porthkerris being arranged. For those who go to the trouble to arrange trips it is vital that the club members support their efforts and participate; poor interest resulted in trips being cancelled. Diving in the UK is becoming a challenge as fees are getting higher and skippers are insisting on very stringent deposit terms.

Overseas trips included Lanzarote, two Red Sea liveaboards and a JC Scuba trip to Thailand. There are future trips in planning to Cyprus (Zenobia) and Lanzarote so far. There is also a JC Scuba trip to the Red Sea in November.

The Diver Progression Days at Vobster Quarry are continuing but the club has not renewed its membership feeling it was poor value and it was possible to allow ‘guests’ on personal membership to attend the sessions. This practical support provides confidence building skills and safety drills prior to sea diving and will continue to ensure new divers are prepared for open water.

The new Social member, Ben Horton, arranged the Christmas dive and dine at Stoney Cove in December after taking up the post late in the year. Again, support of future events is key to their success.

The committee continue to ensure the club is run properly and make things easier to administer. We have changed banks to avoid punitive charges and now have a single form for new and renewing. members. I will continue to promote  the club website as it is our ‘window’ to other divers but is only as good as its content, and we have been receiving reports of trips and dive activities to make sure it is still relevant. We will be looking at ways to improve  and maintain it but we need members to log on to it periodically to move us up the Google listings.

Finally, I would like to thank all the members of the outgoing committee for working to keep the club viable and running smoothly on your behalf. But any club is only as good as its members and, without your support, it will not prosper so I urge you all to help us by keeping the dive trips and social events coming and making sure they are fully supported.

I am willing to continue as Chairman next year.

James Boyd

12th March 2024

Finance, Resignations and Appointments

After Jim’s report Ossie reported on the club finances. The bank balance has remained stable over the years which shows that spending is pro-rata to the takings from the membership fees. A more detailed report is available on the web site.

After Ossie’s report came the resignation of the old committee and the new committee was voted in. Here is the committee for 2024/2025:

Your Committee for 2024/2025

Jim Boyd 512x512

Jim Boyd


Dave Hall

Dave Hall


Mark Lewis 512x512

Mark Lewis

Website Manager

Ian Gale

Ian Gale

Membership Secretary

Ben Horton

Social Secretary

Tom Bryer

Tom Bryer

General Duties

Bill King

Bill King

General Duties

Paul Cole

JC Scuba Liaison