Slightly different to the Spring and Tide tables for 2021, our 2022 guide spans a three or four day period to assist with neap tide trip planning. We just felt it was irrelevant to include spring tides, but extend the table to days either side of the neap.


TideDate FromDate ToDays Spanned
Neap11th January 202213th January 20223
Neap26th January 202229th January 20224
Neap10th February 202212th February 20223
Neap25th February 202227th February 20223
Neap11th March 202214th March 20224
Neap26th March 202228th March 20223
Neap9th April 202212th April 20224
Neap24th April 202226th April 20223
Neap8th May 202211th May 20224
Neap23rd May 202225th May 20223
Neap7th June 20229th June 20223
Neap22nd June 202225th June 20224
Neap7th July 20229th July 20223
Neap22nd July 202225th July 20224
Neap7th August 20229th August 20223
Neap21st August 202223rd August 20224
Neap4th September 20227th September 20224
Neap19th September 202221st September 20223
Neap3rd October 20226th October 20224
Neap18th October 202220th October 20223
Neap1st November 20224th November 20224
Neap16th November 202218th November 20223
Neap1st December 20223rd December 20223
Neap16th December 202218th December 20223